Fiber Arts Collective

Exciting Things Are Happening Over Here!

Exciting Things Are Happening Over Here!

Dear Fiber Arts Collective Community,
This month, we feature the work of Bridget Reynolds in celebration of JUNETEENTH. All are welcome to visit the gallery to enjoy her paintings and beautiful hand-bound books and cards.

“I came to the creative process about 10 years ago, and have not looked back. It brings me such joy. Almost from the beginning I have felt compelled to depict the Feminine. My images draw from my travels and cultures I visited. I love bold and bright colors as you can see. I do hope you enjoy my images.” ~Bridget Reynolds

We also welcome fellow fiber artist Jenet Johnsen, who has set up her weaving studio at the Fiber Arts Collective. Here’s a bit about Jenet:
“I grew up in Seattle and was taught knitting, sewing and embroidery. I learned to weave, natural dye and spin beginning in 1973. I spent twenty years weaving, dyeing and spinning, teaching textiles, preparing exhibitions in various gallery and museum spaces and executing commissions. Several weavings were placed in financial offices in New York City and were destroyed in the World Trade Center collapse. The economy, family obligations and life intervened, and I suspended weaving to go on to other things. I returned to the West in 2000. It wasn’t until 2019 that I purchased a new loom and began to assemble a new weaving studio.

The Almeda Fire destroyed my home and my nascent weaving studio. A week after the fire, I met an 80 year old woman in Sew Creative who was selling her weaving studio. This event opened up a new life and I purchased the weaving studio. I rented workspace in October and have slowly reacquainted myself with the loom, warping, and weaving. I began stopping into the Fiber Arts Collective on my daily walks in the fall. Now, I will be a member and continue to work on “reweaving” my life. I am focused on both weaving and sewing. The sewing is instrumental in my woven pieces and in recreating a wardrobe. I look forward much productivity in the Fiber Arts Collective space.”

We’re so excited to have a weaver in our group! And on that note, please enjoy this INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO about another weaver & homesteader. It will make you want to start your own farm!

We are starting to plan for in-person classes, but in the meantime, we are organizing another Zoom session in July—stay tuned for more details.

And finally, please join us for First Friday Artwalk, July 2. We will join other galleries in opening our doors for evening visiting and browsing from 5-8 pm. And yes, we’re still asking folks to wear masks. Thanks!