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Our Regular hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10 am-4 pm. The store features fabrics, notions, an artist gallery, and working artist studios.

37 N. Third Street 

Ashland, Oregon 97520

Contact us at 1-541-708-6966 during business hours to enquire about our gallery fabrics and notions.


May and June - Mixed Media Artist Beth Yazhari

Member Art Show: Call For Art
Theme: The Answer Is “Nature.” What Is the Question?

Details: Date of Show: July 5, 2024 through August 31, 2024 Artists must be current Members of the FAC. Membership renewal may be made with submission of artwork. Members are invited to submit up to 3 pieces to the jury for consideration for this Member Art Show. Submit by sending an email with subject line: “2024 Member Art Show Submission: Artist Name.” Attach one photo of each piece of art. Describe the artworks in the body of the email with the following information: Title, Medium, Size, Price All works will be considered and works containing fibers will be given priority. Submission deadline is May 31, 2024 Artists whose work is accepted into the show will be informed by email by June 15th. Artwork should be delivered to the FAC on Saturday, June 29th or Wednesday, July 3rd between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Artists may retrieve unsold artwork from September 4th through September 7th, 2025 between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Let's have some fun together and show our community the diversity of our creativity!

Make a Ukrainian ‘Vinok’ (Floral Head Piece)
With Luda Sokol

In this class, Luda Sokol will guide participants through the process of creating a traditional “Vinok” headpiece.

The custom of weaving headpieces for adornment dates to pagan times, having a sacred significance in the rites of the spring cycle and Kupala Night festivities. Gradually, the headpiece transformed into a symbol of adoration, embodying the spirit of Mother Earth.

In Ukraine, floral head wreaths carried solar symbolism, and a girl wearing a Vinok was associated with the eastern sun. It also symbolized glory, victory, holiness, happiness, success, opportunity, peace, the sun, and power. The selection, combination of colors, and arrangement of ribbons in the headpiece are particularly interesting. Adorning the head of a young girl with flowers and ribbons of 12 different colors, each serving as both a healer and a protector, safeguarded her hair from evil eyes. Ribbons were chosen based on the length of the girl’s hair, with each ribbon slightly longer than the braid to hide it amid the vibrant array of colors.

Date: Saturday, May 11th, 2024, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Cost: $35 Members / $40 Non-Members, all materials included. Credit card payments add 4%.
Class Size:  Up to 10 students
Registration: Email [email protected] or call 541-708-6966

Introduction to Natural Dyeing

Introduction to Natural Dyeing

Come and join us for this exciting “soup to nuts” class on mordanting, dyeing and printing on cellulose and plant fibers. 

Day one: Learn how to prepare your fibers for dyeing.  We will go through the process of mordanting silk, hemp/silk and linen.  This process is vital to obtaining vibrant colors.

Day two: Journey into natural dyeing using “kitchen to cloth” dyes as well as powdered dyes.  Learn how to overdye and combine dyes to get unique colors.  We will also explore botanical printing using leaves and other plant and kitchen matter.

Thursday, May 16th, 10:30-2:30 
Friday, May 17th, 10:30-3:30

$125 for members, $135 for non-members plus a $30 material fee.
Materials included in the class are a silk scarf, linen and hemp/silk fabric, all mordant, dye and print materials.
Participants should bring an apron, gloves, a snack, and water bottle.

Contact instructor Jo Ann Manzone at or 541-951-2526 to sign up and pay. Add 4% if paying via credit card.

The Sacred is Creative with Desiree DeMars: Create an Ancestral Altar Build connections to your family lineage and create an Ancestral Altar. Basic supplies will be provided for the foundation. Participants will need to bring images or personal items they wish to incorporate into their pieces to make it their own. You may also want to include found objects, special fabrics and/or papers you have to embellish with. Free fabric scraps available at FAC. Desiree will guide you to explore and receive insights from your ancestors and/or for inspiration about your altar design. Date: Saturday, May 25th, 2024, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Place: Fiber Arts Collective, 37 N. 3rd Street, Ashland Cost: $60 Members / $65 Non-Members Registration: Email [email protected] or text 312-437-4325 Payment: Venmo: @Desiree-DeMars OR PayPal: [email protected]. You must add 4% for the credit card fee.


Ashland’s Sidewalk Celebration happens in mid-May. Exciting events will be happening all around town during the weekend of May 17-19.

Miles Frode will join the Fiber Arts Collective to perform live painting on the sidewalk during this celebratory weekend. Miles reminds us that art is a noun AND a VERB, and it’s the verb that those addicted to the divine play seek out as a pathway of continued unfolding. When Miles is live painting he is a delight to watch–you can follow along, then BAM–he does something you weren’t expecting….paints over a favorite part or rotates the painting totally changing the orientation…whatever he does along the way is perfect as it always takes him to where he and the piece need to be.

When:  Saturday, May 18th, 1-4

Art viewers are most welcome to purchase Miles’ work on the spot!

Contact us at 1-541-708-6966 during business hours to enquire about our gallery fabrics and notions. 

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