Fiber Arts Collective

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The Hemming Edge Alterations

The Hemming Edge alterations service is operated by the amazing Jzionna Hubbard Gonzalez.  Jzionna has over 30 years of sewing experience and learned sewing, knitting, and quilting all her early years from her grandmother and mother. She loves the puzzle work of taking clothing apart, redesigning it and putting it back together. For several years, Jzionna worked in tailoring for Meier and Frank, (later Macy’s), altering men’s suits and women’s clothing. Later she had her own shop in Medford for 8 years under the name “HEMS”. In addition to performing alterations, Jzionna’s own artful creations can be found in the gallery of the Fiber Arts Collective.

Reach out to Jzionna at or 541-944-7511.

Re-Covery Upholstery Shop

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Farrah Southam’s upholstery services combines her love of problem solving with her love of repurposing/refurbishing items. She learned to pattern and sew in college and honed her puzzle solving techniques at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she worked as their Costume Craft Artisan for several years.

Recently, Farrah has been focusing on upholstery work, having learned some of the tricks of the trade at Rose City Upholstery in Portland. Farrah is truly gifted at transforming “old” furniture into pieces that you will be proud to place in your home. 

To plan your transformation, Farrah can be reached at: