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Re-Covery Upholstery Shop

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Farrah Southam’s upholstery services combines her love of problem solving with her love of repurposing/refurbishing items. She learned to pattern and sew in college and honed her puzzle solving techniques at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she worked as their Costume Craft Artisan for several years.

Recently, Farrah has been focusing on upholstery work, having learned some of the tricks of the trade at Rose City Upholstery in Portland. Farrah is truly gifted at transforming “old” furniture into pieces that you will be proud to place in your home.

To plan your transformation, Farrah can be reached at:

[email protected]

Jzionna Gonzales - Fiber Artist

I’ve had an ongoing love affair my whole life with plants and nature. Whether I am growing, arranging flowers, making botanical prints onto fabrics and paper, or taking photographs, I am always creating from natural elements. There is such an abundance of natural materials around us, how can we not be inspired and encouraged by the beauty we see every day, that which ignites our artistic endeavors. I share a workspace in the Fiber Arts Collective with so many other inspirational women, all well immersed in talent. What a pleasure it is to be doing what I love and sharing the joy.

Jenet Johnsen - Textile Artist and Weaver

I joined the Fiber Arts Collective to pursue weaving and textile projects. Little did I know that sewing would reign over weaving—making new clothes and restoring a precious 150 old Tibetan Buddhist thangka. I have now embarked on making new Sámi traditional clothing for myself and my son. Our Sámi clothes were destroyed in the Almeda Fire. Why re-create these garments? It takes cultural knowledge to create a traditional garment—how it is made, how it is worn, and the values it expresses. Traditional clothing is an expression of cultural continuity, minority identity, and resistance to colonial hegemony. I want to acknowledge my indigenous identity. My weaving work will continue in a lesser role.

Sylvie Baroux - Quilter

Sylvie was introduced to quilting by a close friend to celebrate their friendship. She enjoys the art as a meditation playing with design, color, comfort and beauty. When these qualities are present in an object, we care for it. When we care, we create a sustainable environment around us. 

Quilting is also sharing joy with a creative community of art lovers. The practice expresses warmth, comfort and beauty whether the quilt be placed on a bed or decorates a table or wall.

A quilt whispers a story of love in which we can delight. 

Darlene Southworth - Assemblage Artist

I create artwork in the style of assemblage, grouping found or unrelated objects into compositions including representational images such as landscapes, plants and animals, and people; abstractions; and riffs on other artists such as Calvino, Kandinsky and Picasso. My ideas come from observed images or from the found objects themselves. I arrange rusted pieces on canvas or wood and attach them by hand-stitching with diverse fibers—cotton, hemp, linen, silk, or metal. Linear pieces replace one-dimensional lines and two-dimensional flat fragments create shapes or color blocks. Because the rusted objects are somewhat familiar, the interpretation of a piece flickers between the parts and the whole.

Fabricated Flowers
Flame in my Heart
Space Junk
Spring Flowers

Jo Ann Manzone : Natural Dyer, Botanical Printer and Fabric Designer

Jo Ann has a dye studio at The Fiber Arts Collective where she teaches and creates.  Her classes include indigo dip sessions, shibori wrapping, natural dying and botanical printing.  She can be found in the studio natural dyeing and printing on fabric that she uses to create garments and other fiber art.  Her work is influenced by what she sees in nature. This influence can be seen today in the playful way she combines her naturally dyed textiles to create wearable art. 

“Working with textiles takes me back to a time in my childhood when I was part of a circle, belonging and loved.”  


Lyudmila Sokol Seamstress and Designer 

Luda is available to perform alterations, hemming, custom garments, and other sewing projects. She brings many years of experience, skill, and talent to her projects. Luda also loves sharing Ukrainian culture through her traditional Motanka dolls, “Oberig” (talismans), “Buci” (fabric necklaces), and “Vinok” (head dresses), all of which can be custom ordered.    


Andrea Assuncao – Jeweler and Designer

Andrea’s love for design and adornment started at an early age, and her path led her to create jewelry. But changes this past year led her to dust off her old sewing machine, and in turn, she started a new adventure with her machine by making hats and joining the Fiber Arts Collective. 

All of Andrea’s jewelry has been created sustainably with You and the Planet in Mind. Her hats have the same vibe and are made with recycled, dead stock, or vintage materials and scraps from friends’ grandmothers. She is also an illustrator and has plans to design her own textiles to create her own unique looks, not only with hats, but with bags, jackets, tops, and pants, too.