Fiber Arts Collective

June 2022 Newsletter

Class:  Make a Sample Wrap

If you have taken any of Jo Ann Manzone’s natural dye or botanical print classes, you may be wondering what to do with those sample pieces in your stash.  Jo Ann is offering a class in how to design and sew a wrap with sample pieces.  Kits will be available to those students who may not have sample pieces but would like to participate.  Jo Ann will share several embellishment ideas as well.

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 21st, 10am-12:30pm

Cost for the Class: $40 for members, $50 for non-members

Kits available for an additional $20

Credit card payments add 4%.  Call, email, or drop in to register.

Class:  Natural Dye, Botanical Print Scarf

In this class, taught by Jo Ann Manzone, each student will learn about natural dying and botanical printing while creating a beautiful silk scarf.  All plant materials and dyes will be provided, and students pay $10 for each scarf.  Have fun designing your new silk scarf!

Date/Time:  Saturday, June 25th, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Cost: Members: $45, Non-members $55

Scarf:  $10

Credit card payments add 4%.  Call, email, or drop in to register.

Class:  Finger Weaving–
Straps, Belts, & Handles

Join Diane Ericson to learn finger weaving with recycled tee shirts this summer!  This is a type of braiding that can be used for all types of straps, handles and belts.  This is a great summer travel project as it will tuck into your bag for that long plane or car vacation. 
Class open to ages 10 and up and limited to 4 students.
2 Sessions: Tuesday, July 19th & Tuesday, July 26th, 10:00 a.m. to noon
In Session #1: Learn cut a tee shirt to make a continuous strip to use in weaving.
In Session #2: Learn variations and more challenging finger weaving with a variety of colors, making slits, and adding to the weaving to make a wider shape.
What to bring:
2 different colored tee shirts.
A belt buckle or key ring. 
We will also have some different shaped rings for you to choose from in class.

Cost$50.00.  Credit card payments add 4%.  Call, email, or drop in to register.

Class:  Sashiko Basics

Join us for a beginner friendly exploration of Sashiko stitching. Sashiko is a highly accessible form of hand stitching that uses a simple running stitch and elevates it by modifying stitch order, stitch size, and pattern scale. These stitching patterns foster sustainability, durability, warmth, and reuse of textiles, including garments.

In this three-hour class we will walk through building pattern variations, and create our own hand stitched Sashiko blocks. Stitching will be accompanied by a discussion of Sashiko tools and thread. Specifically, we will examine thread choice for a variety of pattern types, and how to prepare thread skeins for stitching.  Along the way, we will learn the origin of Sashiko, its cultural significance, and share present-day applications of this centuries old stitching practice. 

Class open to ages 15 and up and limited to 8 people.

Date:  Saturday, July 16th, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm

Cost: Members $40 / Non-Member $45 plus Material Cost $14 (includes needles, thread, ring thimble with palm plate, heat release marking pen, Essex yarn dyed fabric)  

Credit card payments add 4%. Call, email, or drop in to register.

Art and Life


In the Portland Museum of Art’s snack bar

one July morning, a young woman worked

at the board that lists the specials of the day.

From her little stepladder she leaned in

with various colored chalks, using both point

and edge, adjusting with her fingertips,

experimenting with size and color, print

and script, once or twice stepping down and back,

then homing in on what was to be solved.

The whole thing might have taken her ten minutes.

At last she moved a little farther back

to see how what she’d done had changed the room,

while we, who had the good luck to be there

at the beginning of her day, beheld

the change she couldn’t know that she had wrought

merely by how her red hair caught the light