Fiber Arts Collective

Artisans Gallery


The work of approximately 40 artisans is featured in our gallery. From sewing, dyeing, knitting, crocheting, embroidering and felting to binding, collaging, painting, printing, stenciling, beading, and creating assemblage pieces, our artisans are hard at work adding beauty to the world. 

    If you are interested in learning about the process to display your work in our 

gallery, please find our Consignment Agreement on our Connect page.


From Aprons to Assemblage...

Jzionna Gonzalez

Darlene Southworth

Phyllis Parker

From Needlepoint to Clothing...

Robbin Pearce

JoAnn Manzone

Alexis Campbell Upcycled Garments

From Lighting to Pillows...

Sabina Nies

Clay and Cloth Studio

From Purses to Embroidery...

Hyatt Station Stitching

Summer Lewis

From Note Cards to Journals...

Leafy Lexicon Cards

Bridget Reynolds

To Items of Whimsy...and much more!

Taylor House Studios

Diana Rasmussen